In just this year, Ghana is having 800,000 teenage pregnancy, that is not an imposing figure. but if you ask me why, i will tell you that am in the right position to explain to you the reason why it happen that way. put it short, their society stimulate them for that. “How” i will tell you My mother always said, that what you give a person to eat , is what that person will shit * 60% of recently Ghana music are fill with women dancing completely naked with transparent dresses . * Almost all their movie and TV show are fill with Live Sex * Everyday by 12 mid night all the media station are show Live Sex. Note: some of the teen are still awake by then. * And all the media station never stop advertising those that are inventing drug and harp for: great performance , Penis enlargement and love me only, and do what i said. if the society are loaded in them all this kind of stuff, what do you expect the younger ones that are less experience to do? nothing, rather than to practice what they see on screen. i always say this, if any child has to spoil, the society should help not to allow the trigger to come from them. So my advice to them, if Ghana do not want to see the worst of these, let them control what they are showing on their Media. Donald .F. Stephen Live from Ghana

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